Visiting Places

Buddhist Monuments at Sanchi

Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka

Indira Gandhi RashtriyaManavSangrahalaya - National Museum of Mankind

Upper Lake

Van Vihar National Park

Bharat Bhawan Centre for the Performing and Visual Arts



Lakshmi Narayana Temple




State Museum of Madhya Pradesh

Halali Dam

Jama Masjid

Lower Lake



Regional Science Center






Birla Museum

Kanha Fun City



Archaeological Museum


Halali Dam (Samrat Ashok Sagar Project)

Bhadbhada Dam

Kolar Dam

Singhori Wildlife Sanctuary

Rani Mahal


1.     KANHA FUN CITY the water Park:situated around 15km away from the Vidyalaya.

2.      Indira Gandhi ManavVigyan Sangrahalaya

3.      TOP N TOWN ICE CREAM FACTORYat Govindpura

4.      SANCHI MILK DAIRY near HabibganjRailway station.

Excursionon 25.11.10 and 16. 12.10


A fun filled trip wasorganized to Kanha Fun city on 25.11.10 for classes I to V and on 16. 12.10for the classes VI to XII. Luxury buses were hired and the students along withtheir class teachers went for about five hours to this idyllic location,situated around 10 km away from Vidyalaya.

The students enjoyedon various rides namely messy go round, slides. The most interesting part wasthe newly introduced Visual treat of �Thrillarium which took everyone bysurprise with its special effects.

The most popularamongst all was �PANGHAT ;the water rides which wereimmensely enjoyed by the students.

There were sumptuouseatables which were savored by all marked with lots of camaraderie fun, frolic,music and dance; it was an excursion worth cherishing.

The students went homewith contentment is their hearts and a song on their lips as they were warrantysent off and received by the Principal of the Vidyalaya Mr. Sunil Shrivastava.



Excursionduring the session 2009 2010


On 13/09/2009


IX class student visited Regional sciencecentre , Bhopal on 13th Nov 09.Therestudents visited different experimental appliances like centrifugal force ,water rising spiral , .Archimedes principle perceiving wave motion etc.

Student saw some birds& animal also like rabbit, vulture region etc.

Sculptures were therewith written theory about the scientists & photospheres. students sawdifferent plants also .They made the students see one movie on the Dubais palm Island. Itwas an interesting movie.


Excursionduring the session 2008 2009


On 13/02/2009


All the classes from Ito V went for an excursion to KANHA FUN CITY the water Park: situatedaround 15km away from the Vidyalaya on 13/02/2009. Luxury buses were hired andall the children duly escorted by all the primary teachers went for theeducational trip.

Away from thehustle & bustle of the city and away from �books; the children enjoyed a loton all the rides like sea-saw, merry go-rounds, tunnels, car race, by the cycleon the �sky walk and so on. The water rides and the watery games were open alittle later and all the children enjoyed the most in the water pool and underthe exotic showers. Tired but excited all the students sat down for a communitylunch.Though exhausted but not out of energy: they sand and danced.

Against eachones wishes we boarded the bus back to the Vidyalaya at 2:00 pm and reachedback safely.

It was anenjoyable and an educative trip amidst the green foliage and lap of Nature inan exotic water park which the students of primary section enjoyed a lot.


Excursionto Indira Gandhi Manav Vigyan Sangrahalaya


On 16-DEC-2008


On Dec, 16, 2008 class 11th was takenfor an excursion to Indira Gandhi Manav Vigyan Sangrahalaya. It was aneducational tour to enhance students knowledge in tribal life, art andculture.

Walking through the path of natural museum children got theexperience of tribal life. Their habitat, huts, utensils, hunting weapons and other household items. One canhave an experience of mini tribal India while visiting this place.

The indoor museum is an unforgettable experience. Its theme,designs and tribal artifacts are priceless.

Students, especially from arts understood the real tribal artand culture of India.Its richness is our asset.

Visiting a place like this is like exploring our soul andcapabilities.



�Education Trip toIndoor Badminton Court of T.T.Stadium

On 9th Sep 2008


  Studentof Junior classes (V-VII) as well as senior classes (VIII-X) were taken to�Indoor Badminton Courts of T.T.Stadium, New Market to participate in a Quizorganized by B.B.Group. Students got exposure to a high level quiz competitionand the Quiz Master Mr.Aditya Nath Mubaji conducted it in a friendly way.Children were given certificates of participation.

Nearly 45 students enjoyed a trip to old cityand then they entertained themselves with a special show of movie Narnia 2 atSangam Cinema Hall. The movie left the children spellbound. Later on theyshared their views with the local media and told that the movie enhanced theirimagination.


�Education Trip turnsinto a �Fun Trip

On 20/02/2008


Education edge organized an educational tripon 20/02/2008 to the TOP N TOWN ICE CREAM FACTORY at Govindpura and SANCHIMILK DAIRY near Habibganj Railway station. Escorted by by co-ordinator; thestudents saw how delicious ice cream were prepared by machines. Variousvarieties like cups, lollies, magic cones, part packs in various flavor weretempting not only to the ice but also were beckoning the taste buds.

After a treat of vanilla �CUP the party leftfor the Milk Diary to see how amazingly clean and tidy is the work of the milkfederation. The students saw how the milk was brought, pasteurized, cooled andthen packaged by machines. There too the students were treated to flavouredmilk which was enjoyed thoroughly. Thus an Educational trip turned out to be an�ICY & �MILKY treat for all.  




All the members ofEducation edge were in for a real treat for the super -uper movie SUPERMAN atSargam Cineplex along with their co-ordinators. Filled with �JOSH andexhilaration at the very thought of and outing; the students nestled themselvescomfortably in the theatre to watch the thriller. Armed with goodies to eat anddrink along with their friends they all had a roller-coaster ride through themovie. Clapping and cheering all the time the students had a gala time watchingand enjoying the movie. It was fun to get away like this escaping from themonotony of books and regular routine. The students after the show again wereescorted back to he Vidyalaya in buses wherein they sang and danced.

           It was indeed a very refreshing experience for all the students who subscribedto �Education edge.